Certificate of Title Lawyer Sydney

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Dickinsons Lawyers can assist you with matters relating to certificates of title. For property law contact Dickinsons Lawyers.   Looking for an example of a NSW certificate of title. See one here:

Inadequate Provision under a Will? Contested Wills Lawyers Sydney

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Have you been properly provided for under a relative’s will? If you’re having doubts, contact us at AWM Dickinson & Son Lawyers. We can advise you of your entitlements. Let us explain what happens after a testator – a person who writes a will – dies. In almost every will, someone is appointed to be an executor. This person will carry out the instructions in the will. In ord

Welcome to Dickinsons Lawyers

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Experienced in Wills and Estate Law, Property Settlement, Real Estate & Conveyancing Legal Services AWM Dickinson & Son is a general practice law firm located on Pitt Street in Sydney’s CBD.   Although AWM Dickinson & Son is a general practice, a large proportion of our work involves: Wills, Estates Real Estate & Conveyancing Commercial Disputes Litigation For All Your Legal Services Con