AWM Dickinson & Son is a general practice law firm located on Pitt Street in Sydney’s CBD.

Although AWM Dickinson & Son is a general practice, a large proportion of our work involves:
  • Wills, Estates
  • Real Estate & Conveyancing
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Litigation
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Recent Articles

Capacity to make a Will

In order to have the capacity to make a Will (testamentary capacity), the person making the Will (testator) must know what they are... 

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Challenging a Will – Who qualifies as an Eligible Person?

In some circumstances, people who believe they have a right to receive assets from an estate are left out of the Will. If you are left... 

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Challenging a Will – Undue Influence and Duress

A court may find that a Will is invalid if the deceased was unduly influenced or acted under duress to draft their Will in a certain... 

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Executors – What are your duties?

What is an Executor? The executor of a Will is responsible for carrying out the wishes of a person after they die. The role of the... 

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